Terms and Conditions of Use

Builderall Platform Terms and Conditions of Use
(1a.) PLEASE NOTE: ALL USERS of the Builderall System and Platform, including all of its tools and websites, must read and accept these TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE in its entirety. If you disagree with any part or item of these conditional terms, stop the use of this site immediately.
Initial Considerations
(2a.) This Conditional Terms of Use was developed and written to avoid using technical or legal terms and to facilitate a clear understanding of all its content for all users. If you have any questions regarding the conditions set forth in these terms, please contact us by email before continuing to use the Builderall System and Platform. All questions may be directed to the following email: If you continue use after reading, you are stating that you are in complete compliance with our Conditional Terms of Use.
(2b.) These terms refer to our main website and all of its tools, contents, platforms, systems, software and components, sub-websites, subdomains, directories and third-party websites created by other users of the Builderall System and Platform.
(2c.) The Builderall System and Platform is owned by US company E-Business4us Inc. located in Orlando, FL. Hereafter referred to simply as THE COMPANY.
(2d.) USERS are referred to as all visitors, web surfers, and customers browsing or utilizing the free and/or paid Builderall System or Platform.
USERS are referred to as those registered to one of our free or paid plans or those just visiting the website. These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all builderall System and Platform USERS.
(2e.) When using any of the Builderall System and Platform services and tools, you agree to and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use in their entirety. Claims for all legal purposes can be made by users over the age of 18 that are competent to do so. If under the age of 18, you must be legally emancipated.
(2f.) It is understood that the term “Builderall System and Platform" refers to the entire software platform, website content, promotional videos, corporate videos, video tutorials, knowledge base, forums, tools, subdomains, sub-sites, 3rd party websites developed on the platform, webmail system, e-mail autoresponder, affiliate program, sales and online store systems, website building software, blog construction software, e-mail construction software, banner building software, infographics, sales funnel development system, animated presentations platform, floating video creator, SEO assessment tool, heatmap tool, intelligent posts tool for Facebook, and other services offered through websites developed by E-Business4us, Inc. provided through Builderall as an integral part of the platform. These include, but are not limited to:
- Kpigeon - Browser notification tool
- Task50 - Which is a free classified ads website
- WebValued - A domain performance and evaluation tool
- MailingBoss
When using the Builderall System and Platform, you confirm you are aware that some sites and tools are in “Beta" version. It should be understood that the systems and platforms provided are undergoing final tests and that you are aware there is a risk of temporary failure or loss of content. You agree that if you are to work with irreplaceable content it is at your own discretion and that we are not responsible for any loss of content.
In the unlikely, but possible, occurrence of loss of content (worst case scenario) due to a database or system failure on our behalf; you may have to rebuild all or part of your pages, sites, and content. We have a robust infrastructure and backup system that will avoid the loss of content, but we are not responsible for any loss of content. As you are aware of the possible risks, you agree not to blame the Builderall System and Platform / E-Business4us Inc. / nor any of COMPANY’S partners, officers, directors, representatives or affiliates for any system failure or loss of content.
If you do not accept this risk, please stop using the Builderall System and Platform immediately.
(2g.) For all legal purposes, the "sub-site" is a website/blog or content created with our tools, platform, and solutions and is also governed by these Terms and Conditions of Use.
(2h.) You are authorized to use the platform, sites, tools, and services of the Builderall System and Platform, only after you agree to these Conditional Terms of Use in their entirety.
Terms and Conditions of Use may be modified at any time. Any amendment to the Terms and Conditions of Use will be in effect once it is published on our website You must agree to the possible changes to our Conditional Terms of Use in order to continue using the services provided by the Builderall System and Platform. Therefore, it is important to read these Conditional Terms of Use regularly to ensure that you are updated with any changes.
Intellectual Property Infringement
(3a.) Ebusiness4us is the owner of “builderall” word mark and the builderall’s logo designs which possess significant goodwill, and are of great value to builderall and are the subject of numerous trademark registrations, including under the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
(3b.) If you are using unlawfully builderall word in your domain URL, it is intended to confuse and misdirect customers seeking builderall’s website to your services. Your activities are unlawful and constitute unfair competition, intentional trademark infringement, trademark dilution, false designation of origin, cybersquatting, deceptive business practice, identity theft, internet fraud, and other such criminalities. In that case, Ebusiness4us and Builderall have the right to file a lawsuit against you.
Technical and Support Services
(4a.) Technical support is offered free of charge to all Builderall System and Platform USERS. This is intended only to resolve problems related to the operation of the tools available in our platform and systems. We do not provide technical support for external tools, create any content, or build websites for USERS. Technical Support for the Builderall System and Platform is available via live chat on the USER’s virtual office (main page after login) 24/7, and service calls are handled in the order of their arrival. You can also order service by e-mailing:
Eligible Users for the Builderall System and Platform
To access all of the services the Builderall System and Platform provides, you agree that:
- All information filed by you is true and accurate.
- All of your information will be updated regularly.
- You are at least 18 years old.
- You do not violate any applicable laws or regulations when using the services, tools, or websites made on or with the system or one of its platforms.
(4b.) Warning: Your profile may be deleted and you may be barred from access without any warning if you are under the age of 18. Persons under the age of 18 must be legally emancipated in order to utilize the Builderall System and Platform.

(4c.) The COMPANY will not provide technical assistance/support via live chat or ticketing for external softwares. This applies to the following platforms; Wordpress and Magento.

(4d.) The Builderall support team will have full access to your account to troubleshoot and fix issues stemming from your inquiry.
Permission is automatically granted to our support team to fully access your account with a submitted report either by ticket, live chat or email from the USER.
(5a.) If the user deletes the account on their own behalf, all of the content including the email will be deleted alongside. This includes the following; sites, commission, campaigns, Mailingboss lists, configurations on our applications, apps made on the app creator, leads both on Mailingboss and leads acquired through the affiliation program and any content that is associated with your builderall account and accessible via the builderall dashboard. All of the information listed above is not recoverable and is warned to the user upon deletion.
Here is what it states: “By deleting your account, you will lose your access to the system. Any lead, commissions, email lists, sites, blogs, and connected domains will be deleted. If you are sure, type your password in the field below.”
(5b.) All services contracted on the Builderall System and Platform are offered online after you accept the Terms and Conditions of Use and make the corresponding payment(s). Remember that all Builderall website content must be understood as part of this Terms and Conditions of Use, so it is under the same rules and regulations.

(5c.) As pertaining to the initial 14-day free trial (if applicable), if you do not complete the necessary payment, your account will no longer be accessible once the trial period has ended and all content created during this period may be deleted permanently.
(5d.) The regular value of the individual license use of the Builderall System and Platform can be found listed on our plans page at 
Before hiring the service of any USER that involves the usage of the tools provided by Builderall, the client of the USER should undertake their own research, diligence and interview the USER providing them a service. It is advised that only the client and the USER are involved in this transaction. Builderall will not be held responsible or liable in regards to the result of any transaction(s).
(5f.) *** THE COMPANY reserves the right to adjust the prices related to hosting and the use of its servers at their own discretion.

(5g.)To create and store content with the use of our tools and services on the internet, it is required that each USER has a web hosting plan and working servers linked to their builderall account. The Builderall System and Platform does not work without being associated with a server. For the preservation of our technology, programming, and content, THE COMPANY only works with its own dedicated servers, which come furnished with industry-leading technology.
(5h.) Non-payment of monthly fees, web hosting and server space, will limit each USER’s access to the Builderall System and Platform after (5) business days of grace period
resulting in:
- Content going offline
- Limited platform access, as a result of not having online storage space for any information, content, images, videos, etc.
If the user wishes to continue to use the platform, they will have to either purchase their original plan upon logging in or contact support for assistance through ticketing or live chat.
If an account is “offline” for lack of payment toward hosting and server space, it will be reactivated immediately once the USER’s payment is confirmed.
(5i.) IMPORTANT: Under in any circumstance an affiliate is allowed to offer any form of bonus offers or promotions during their lead’s first month of use with the Builderall platform.  The bonus can only be given as long as the user remains as a Builderall user.
This is a violation of our terms of use and the affiliate responsible for this will be subject to having their account blocked with no refund and no right to appeal.
(5j.) Video Hosting app:
- This application will only be available to Premium plan holders and above.
- This application will not be available to free trial users.
- After 5 days of account expiration - any and all uploaded video(s) will be offline.
- After 35 days of account expiration - any and all uploaded video(s) will be permanently removed from the user’s disk space storage.

(5k.) SuperCheckout App:
When purchasing a product from the SuperCheckout that is utilizing the Builderall gateway, it will generate commission on a 2-tier structure that is accessible to view and withdraw through the SuperCheckout Earnings page.
This will only apply to users who are active Premium plan subscribers. The value varies based on the configurations made by the producer.

(5l.) Mailingboss: Poorly performing lists on Mailingboss (i.e. less than 5% open rate for your campaigns) may be blocked by Builderall to avoid compromising the reputation of our sending servers. Each case will be handled differently according to their performance.

Cancellation / Refunds.
(6a.) There are no refunds for the purchases of the lifetime MailingBoss plan ($50 one-time), or for the purchases of domains through our platform. This applies to both domains for the builders and the business panel to promote.
(6b.) If the user is placed under a sponsor and wishes to change their current up-line, we WON'T allow for them to get a refund for merely the purpose of switching their up-line. We will not tolerate the same user to open a new account under a new sponsor. We will monitor this if they attempt to go around this policy, and then their account will be deleted and commissions (if any) will be seized along with this.
(6c.) The USER is only allowed to request a refund for their subscription of the FIRST 30 days. Exceeding the 30 days timeframe will null your ability to request a refund. You will only be able to request a cancellation of your subscription. 
The USER is limited to only one refund per account. This will NOT apply to double charges.
For example; If they are a paying subscriber for 3 months, they won't be able to get a refund. They will be completely allowed to request a cancellation on their subscription if providing a reason.
The USER will not be allowed to request a refund on any given month of their subscription if they have generated any commission.
This policy applies for all plans listed under the Builderall platform.
If the USER requests cancellation or a refund, they are encouraged to provide a reason for the abandonment of the platform. We use this method to better understand the reason for leaving our platform so we can learn and improve.
(6d.) SMS - Short Message Service; that is provided on our platform is NOT subject to refunds based on the credits provided on this page
(6e.) Because of the settings of our system, it is impossible to transfer a website, blog, shop, design, presentation or any other content created on the Builderall System and Platform to another server or hosting service.
(6f.) Agency Certification (agency.builderall);
Those who purchased the agency certification program are not subject to a refund. Please feel free to consult our support team for more information on this program before finalizing your purchase.
(6g.) If a lead decides to request a refund on their subscription, and the sponsor of that lead has already withdrawn their commission, then the system will automatically deduct the amount of commission that was credited from your ‘Available’ balance in the Earnings section.
It will also deduct from any available balance, even if you have not withdrawn any of the amount available.
The lead purchased the $69.90 Premium Plan. The sponsor will be credited $65.36. - If the sponsor has $13.90 as their available balance and the lead later requests a refund, the sponsor will have the commission amount, $65.36, deducted from their available balance (not the full payment of $69.90); This would leave the sponsor with -$51.46 as their current available balance, a negative amount.
(6h.) All purchases made through the SEPA payment method will not be subject for a refund. This policy still applies even in the timeframe of the first 30 days. There will be no exceptions made on behalf of the company or SEPA.
(6i.) David Sharpe’s Bootcamp amounting to $297.00 and Masterclass of $7.00 are non-refundable products by the time the purchase is made.
(6j.) Purchase of Storage and Extension of Domain Quota: In under no circumstance will a refund be provided for the purchase(s) of extending your storage and domain(s) quota.

(6k.) All cancellation and refund requests must be made through the Builderall ticketing process which can be found by visiting the support page on your dashboard through the ‘help’ menu option.

(6l.)  $1.00 Dollar Premium plan;
The USER will have identical limitations compared to the Premium plan listed on our plans page at for 30 days upon registering for this opportunity. The USER will be automatically charged $69.90 after 30 days into the plan unless they cancel beforehand or request for a different plan from our technical support team. Below will be listed clarifications regarding this plan;
1.) Affiliates promoting this opportunity will receive no commission for the $1.00, but instead will receive 100% on the upcoming month’s charge and 30% on the recurring months.
2.) The first 30 days refund policy will NOT apply to the $1.00 dollar charge. 
3.) There will be no refunds for the charge(s) after the first 30 days. The USER’s only option are to cancel or continue with their subscription after the first 30 days.
(6m.) The renewal of domains acquired through the promotional funnels page of your dashboard will be a responsibility of the USER. The COMPANY will not be liable for the automatic renewal of these domains. This accounts for any domains acquired through 1 Dollar/Euro/Real plans.
(6n.) Web Agency sub-accounts will not be allowed to request a refund. They are only able to cancel their subscription.

(6o.) We stand behind our products and your satisfaction with them is important to us. However, because the Full Stack Marketer Cerfication is a training program that grants the USER complete access upon purchase, all sales under this product are final and there are no refunds.
Builderall System and Platform Services
(7a.) All services available on the builderall System and Platform is subject to acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use.
You have a complete list of services, limits, and tools on the Builderall System and Platform located on the website home page:
Among our main services, tools, and platforms are:
- Website Builder in HTML5 formatting with drag and drop element technology
- Optimized Responsive Blog Builder with HTML technology
- Professional HTML Technology-enabled E-mail Creator
- Animated Video Creator
- Floating Video Creator 
- iOS and Google App Creator
- Professional E-mail Marketing Autoresponder System
- SEO Assessment Tool
- Heat Map Performance and Evaluation Tool
- Administrative panel management and site-wide tool integration
- Web hosting and premium server service with access to unlimited bandwidth usage
- Banner, Ads, and Infographics Builder
**** Attention, some tools are not yet available but are announced in advance on our homepage. These may not become available for up to another six (6) months from the US official launch date. In this case, next to the description of the tool's functionality, we will display the expected date of release of the tool. Do not purchase the platform based on this information for the development of tools may delay another year in order to ensure its functionality is at the same standard or surpasses the standard, of all other active platform tools available for use.
Account Inactivity Deletion;
(7b.) The account MUST fall under TWO conditions for deletion:
Inactive due to non-payment for 90 days.
Account not logged in for a period of 90 days. This will also apply to accounts under the free plan.

After 60 days of payment inactivity, the account’s content will be deleted.

Accounts review process is executed on the 1st of every month. This is a monthly procedure to properly designate the accounts that require to be deleted based on the conditions above.

Accounts that meets the conditions above for deletion and still have commission available in their account to be withdrawn will no longer be able  to access their commissions due to the account being removed permanently.
Special considerations for some tools and services
(8a.) The Pixel Perfect website builder is also compatible with mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). We have tools that make navigating and viewing websites on mobile devices much easier while also allowing Google™ to recognize your website as "mobile-friendly”.
With this feature, the user can adjust all or part of the original content of their website to different screen sizes, position elements ideally, and manage content to create a better user experience on mobile devices.
By using this tool correctly, the user creates a new format under the same domain as the system automatically displays the correct format according to the device being used to access it.
It is strongly recommended to watch the tutorial videos before working with this tool.
(8b.) The SEO tool generates SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performance reports per web page. This was developed by our team of programmers to give our users a quick report on how effectively keywords are being used. This tool classifies the pages in grades ranging from A+ to F, with A+ being the best rating. These evaluations are intended to help you understand how your selected keywords are being used and their importance to your website’s main structure. As good as this assessment tool is, the grade given to your page by this tool does not guarantee any improvement or placement in search engines.
(8c.) Although each template comes with predestined digital content such as text, images, and videos, under no circumstances are you legally allowed to use any of the provided content in your published works for profit or promotional purposes without the documented approval of the content's owner.

Importing Lists
(8d.) To preserve the reputation of our sending servers and not hinder the delivery of emails from our users, only the Builderall Premium plan allows the importation of external lists onto Mailingboss. Even so, lists over 1,000 emails need to go through an approval process.
We accept lists up till 50,000 emails with no additional costs. Lists over 10,000 emails must go through a cleaning process from Inboxpath ( or by clicking the ‘add-on’ menu option directly on your dashboard and choosing the ‘inboxpath’ option.
Any account that exceeds the volume of 50,000 subscribers where more than 30% of the list consists of imported leads and not direct registrations on the platform, will have to switch to a High Volume Shipping plan.
To upgrade to a High Volume Shipping plan, the email list that will be imported must go through a rigorous approval process. The list must be 100% opt-in and subscribers must be aware that they will receive emails from the user for the niche in which they have subscribed for.

These are the following plans for 3 of our processed currencies;
Premium - High Volume - Level 1 - R$ 299.90
Premium - High Volume - Level 2 - R$ 379.90
Premium - High Volume USD - Level 1 - US$ 139.90
Premium - High Volume USD - Level 2 - US$ 199.90
Premium - High Volume EUR - Level 1 - € 119.90
Premium - High Volume EUR - Level 2 - € 179.90

Level 1 plan is for lists containing up to 150,000 subscribers
Level 2 plan is for lists containing up to 300,000 subscribers

*For lists exceeding the 300,000 limit, they must consult our team by filling out the last field on our request form at
(8e.) The Free plan will include branding on USER-built websites and Mailingboss campaigns/emails. If the USER wishes to remove the branding, the USER is required to upgrade to a higher plan of Builder, Premium and/or Funnel Club.
Visitors who sign up on the mentioned button above while the USER is under the free plan - will sign up directly under the USER’s sponsor.
(8f.) The number of professional emails the USER can register for a domain will count towards their disk space quota. The quota varies for each plan in terms of storage.
(8g.) The Free Trial and Free Plan, despite having an unlimited website creation quota - it will restrict the USER to be able to only create 3 websites in total per week. The USER can avoid this restriction by switching to a paid plan.
(8h.) All paid subscriptions,  despite having an unlimited website creation quota - it will restrict the USER to be able to only create up to 10 websites in total for the first week of their subscription. This restriction is a one-time occasion.
(8i.) Any user that acquired or purchased a plan under a Builderall agency shall be subject to seek any means of support through the agency entity itself.
The COMPANY will not be liable to overlook any support inquiries brought by those clients unless it is addressed from the agency provider themselves.

(8j.) Instant Commission: 
This feature permits that Funnel Club subscribers will be able to withdraw commission from their Funnel Club direct sales via PayPal instantly. This withdrawal will only be possible in the meantime for the $199.00 charge solely.
This option is strictly available for commissions acquired in Dollars or Brazilian Reals.
For Refunds/disputes; Refunds through Instant Commissions must be issued from your PayPal account directly. eBusiness4us is not responsible for payment disputes and refunds associated with Instant Commissions transactions.
Instant Commission is a tool in Beta so it is advised to all users to be aware of changes in its capabilities and rules.

(8k.) Free Website plan: Starting June 1st, 2021 - accounts under the Free Website Plan will no longer have access to all of the tools, training, and affiliate program that once pertained to it. The USER will have the choice of upgrading to any of the current subscriptions we have available to continue using the features the COMPANY has to offer in their own respected limitations.

(8l.) WordPress: Websites hosted on our servers through the WordPress Integration tool will be subject to a shared and limited capacity in regards to bandwidth and memory. If your website obtains more than 50 visits simultaneously, all additional slots of visits will be blocked from potential visitors and display an error page.
If the user wishes to achieve a higher quota, it is advised for the user to host their site on a separate dedicated server or using CloudFlare.
(9a.) With our system, the user and/or subscriber will have unlimited e-mail accounts that can be customized to their domain name; for example,
Webmail is available in the admin panel in the “Site Builder” tab under the "Access Webmail" sub-tab. There the user can manage the number of accounts and server space for each account.
The basic web hosting plan is 10 gigabytes (10GB)*, which is enough space for most businesses, but if the user needs more storage space for email accounts, the user can pay an additional fee ($2.90 per GB) to increase their limit.
*We reserve an estimated 1GB of space (out of your total hosting allotment) per domain that you have connected to the account. 
(10a.) It is strictly forbidden to use the Builderall e-mail system to distribute spam material. We reserve the right to discontinue service, without refund, in the event that inappropriate use of the Builderall e-mail system or its tools is found, according to the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.
(10c.) Users may send unlimited e-mails and use up to 10 gigabytes (10GB) of storage with our basic web hosting plan. E-mail limits and storage space can be increased according to the user's needs by paying the appropriate upgrade fee; as explained on the plans page link. Improper use of our e-mail system will cause the immediate termination of service and content removal from our system. This may also have legal consequences if the misuse brings any harm to the system's functionality.
(10d.) The services provided through the Builderall System and Platform include, but are not limited to: the development, storage, management, and sharing of media files and documents including text, user comments, animations, software, audio, video, etc.
(10e.) The Builderall System and Platform offers its services during its developmental stage with the forewarning that there are risks of failure, crashes, and content loss. We do not accept liability for any system failure or performance of services, software, and systems. In these Conditional Terms of Use, it is made clear that we are still operating in “Beta” for some features and tools.
(10f.) THE COMPANY, owner of Builderall System and Platform, reserves the right to suspend or terminate any or all of their services, or remove any content for any reason, at any time, including the availability of any resource, tool, or content on a prior notice of 15 days to all its USERS; and THE COMPANY may impose limits on all or any services or restrict access to the services without prior notice or liability for any loss. 
Right to Refuse Service
(11a.) THE COMPANY in reference to any commercial activity concerning the Builderall System and Platform may, at any time, refuse to provide services to or to continue providing services to any user at its sole discretion without owing any restitutionary payments or services to the user in question. THE COMPANY will send one (1) email communicating the end of its business relationship with the USER and the reason for cancellation.
(11b.) THE COMPANY also reserves the right to cancel the USER’s license if the user publicly, intentional or not, desecrates the company’s image without contacting the support department or board of directors first.
(11c.) The USER must accept all responsibility for their actions when using the Builderall System and Platform and its tools. This includes their interactive behavior or content added, published, or shared in relation to our platform or tools.
(11d.) The USER is not authorized to use the services provided by the Builderall System and Platform for any illegal or unauthorized actions. The USERS are responsible for ensuring that there are no laws or regulations set forth in their Regional, National or International Jurisdiction that is being broken, including but not limited to any and all copyright laws.
(11e.) You may not upload, post, or distribute any viruses, spyware, or any other destructive code within the Builderall System and Platform, websites, or blogs created using the Builderall System and Platform. This will cause the USER’s permanent ban from the system and consequent in the appropriate legal action.
The Builderall System and Platform and Third-Party Relationships
(12a.) Websites created using the Builderall System and Platform may contain links to other websites that do not belong to and are not controlled by THE COMPANY. We do not control nor do we accept any liability for the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third party websites. In addition, THE COMPANY  is unable to censor or edit any content of third-party sites or sites developed by any USER.
(12b.) When the user accesses and uses websites created by third-parties on the Builderall System and Platform the USER relieves us from any liability for any damages resulting from the use of third-party websites. Therefore we recommend that before accessing any website or web-based service you read their terms and conditions and privacy policy.
(12c.) The Builderall System and Platform allows the creation of links to images, animations, audio, video, and other content hosted on third-party websites. This is known as "linked content." As a registered USER you can create and upload content which is saved on our servers separately, the “linked content" will not affect your ability to use or view any of your content.
(12d.) The Builderall System and Platform offers the USER a database classified by clip art, icons, gifs, animations, videos, audio sounds, and text which can be included in their websites, e-mails, blogs, etc., royalty-free.
However, images found on the platform are pooled from Google Images and are not the property of the Builderall System and Platform or any of its affiliated companies. DO NOT use these images in your final product without the expressed written consent of the content owner.
Such content owned, purchased or provided by third-parties may have been purchased with a commercial license; for example the clipart and icons available in our website editor. In this case, the use of this content is also governed by these Terms and Conditions of Use, together with the terms and conditions of the contract/license from the third-party provider of the content.
(12e.) The Builderall System and Platform may inadvertently provide templates for websites, blogs, and e-mails whereas some content may belong to a third-party and protected by copyright laws; such as images, fonts, graphics, and other items. The USER may also inadvertently find and use third-party content that may be protected by copyright laws. Make sure if you are not the owner of your website content that you contact the owner before using their property for commercial purposes.
(12f.) If THE COMPANY receives any notification of misuse or unauthorized use of protected content you acknowledge and agree that THE COMPANY, at its own discretion, has the right to:
- Remove the third-party content from our database or its website,
- Restrict access to it, or
- Request the immediate removal of third-party content posted by the user utilizing our platform.
If you do not comply with the instructions of THE COMPANY and do not remove the content within 24 hours of the request, we reserve the right to prevent your access to content and/or delete content at our sole discretion and without liability in which you will not be entitled to any compensation or refund.
(12g.) THE COMPANY, owner of the Builderall System and Platform, reserves the right to request the removal of any content for any of the following reasons:
- Any reverse engineering, decompiling, or disassembling of any third-party content that allows the user to download content not authorized by the content owner;
- Editing, copying, distribution, displaying, sublicensing, tuning, reproduction, plagiarism, selling, sharing, or use of any content of any third-party without the express consent of the owner of the content or THE COMPANY,
- Use of third-party content that does not conform to the rules established on the website

(12h.) Please note that you get 36 days to renew the domain after which the domain enters the "Queued For Deletion" phase which lasts for 6 days where you will be able to renew the domain.
After this phase, the domain enters the restoration phase which lasts for 30 days where you will be able to restore the domain but at a higher cost.
The restoration cost price for a .COM domain is USD 60.00. The charges for other TLD's are available in the Resellerclub Control Panel.
Once the domain passes the restoration phase the domain will be held by the registry for 4 to 6 days and will be made available for fresh registration on a first come first serve basis.

(12i.) Team accounts will consist a withstanding limit of 1GB of disk space storage.
Sharing content with others
(13a.) We do not share your information with any third-parties.
We may share a USER’s information with service providers in order to improve the services we provide. Eventually, we will need a third-party company in order to offer some of our services, such as secondary facilities for server hosting.
Within these business operations, our service providers may have access to your personal information and content for a limited time, in regard to the above-stated operations. We have no access to your income or credit card information.
Occasionally, we share expressions of content created by USERS to give those who are not yet registered an idea of what is being created using our platform and how the platform operates. This content is shared in a manner that protects the possibility of any unauthorized editing.
We may use your information for marketing purposes to share the benefits of the company including your name listed on your account, active leads, and/or total commissions earned.
We may be required to share your personal information if mandatory by law enforcement or court order. We will only share your information if we are positive that a legal subpoena has been issued or court litigation is taking place in the prosecution of the Builderall System and Platform user in question regarding information or content located on or within our servers. We may also share your account information, if required by the full implementation of the law, to protect our interests, prevent fraud, or to prevent or counteract any other illegal activity that may have been made possible by utilizing the Builderall System and Platform. This is also true in the event that releasing the user’s personal information may stop an imminent threat of physical harm. This may include sharing information with other companies, lawyers, and government agencies. 
Access to the Builderall System and Platform
(14a.) THE COMPANY gives you permission to use our tools at Builderall System and Platform as described in these Terms and Conditions of Use provided that:
- The USER does not alter or modify any part of the website that is not reasonably necessary for the intended and authorized use of the platform;
- The platform USER utilizes the hosting services and servers of THE COMPANY;
- The USER is current on all payments due to THE COMPANY regarding the purchase of the Builderall System and Platform license, hosting services, and server space.
- The USER respects and complies with the Terms and Conditions of Use.
(14b.) To access builderall System and Platform features the USER must first create their own account. The USER should never use another user’s account without his or her expressed permission. To create an account the USER must provide the necessary information. It is important to be truthful and accurate as you are solely responsible for any and all activity that occurs on your account; keep your password(s) secure and confidential. The USER must notify THE COMPANY immediately of any breach of security or unauthorized activity in their account.
The Builderall System and Platform is not responsible for damages caused by unauthorized use of a user’s account, but the USER can and will be held responsible for damages done to THE COMPANY or elsewhere.
The USER is responsible for the security of their account hereby accepting responsibility for any and all activities and actions related to their account. The USER agrees to immediately notify THE COMPANY, in writing, referring to any unauthorized activity on their account or any other breach of security. The USER understands and agrees that THE COMPANY will not and cannot be held responsible for any damages or losses arising from failure to comply with these security obligations.

Affiliate's promotional rules and doubts
(15a.) Under no circumstances can an affiliate offer any form of bonus offers or promotions during their lead’s first month of use with the Builderall platform that incentivizes or guides the user to use the platform for an X amount of months.
This is a violation of our terms of use and the affiliate responsible for this will be subject to having their account blocked with no refund and no right to appeal.
(15b.) As with any business - your results may vary and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. There is no guarantee that you will make any income at all and you accept the risk that the earnings and income.
statements differ by individual. Each individual success depends on his/her background, dedication, desire and motivation. 
It is the affiliate’s mandatory responsibility that alongside any promotional advertisements, videos, pages, and sites that they advise this disclaimer CLEARLY to potential users of this affiliate program.
Failure to comply with this will result in action being taken by Builderall based on the severity of the situation. We want to ensure that every potential affiliate is completely aware that the risks are on them.
Reminder: Commission acquired for your first sale will be on hold for 35 days. Again, this only applies to the first sale. Your recurring commission will be available to be withdrawn at any time as soon as their lead makes the purchase of commissionable subscriptions. All available commission is paid out to our affiliates on every Thursday of every week if the requirements are met to withdraw.
(15c.) The COMPANY pays each individual affiliate based on the commission generated from their lead's completed purchases.

(15d.) The Funnel Club is a plan that contains frequently updated specific funnels (Niche, Agency, affiliate and more) for the affiliate to use for promotional purposes and can only be accessed if the user is subscribed to it.

(15e.) USERS under the affiliate status, PRO - can use and generate commission for sales completed through the Funnel Club’s exclusive funne
USERS under the affiliate status, COMMON - do not receive nor generate commission for sales completed through the Funnel Club’s exclusive funnels.
The USER must have their affiliation with the platform activated to generate commission.
*PRO affiliates; affiliates who are subscribed to the Funnel Club plan
*COMMON affiliates; affiliates who are subscribed to plans BELOW the Funnel Club plan and have activated with their affiliation with the COMPANY.

(15f.) Builderall affiliates shall also be responsible for all applicable taxes (withholding tax, sales tax, services tax, value-added tax (VAT), goods and services tax (GST), etc.) or duties imposed by any government entity or collecting agency including those taxes based on Builderall Affiliate net income. In the event Builderall affiliate fails to satisfy its tax and/or duty obligations herein, Builderall affiliates and shall indemnify and hold Builderall harmless against any claim and/or liability (including penalties) resulting from Builderall affiliates failure to pay such taxes and/or duties.

(15g.) The USER will be able to visualize their direct lead’s registered Builderall email address. The USER will not be able to visualize the email addresses of the leads acquired from their downline.

(15h.) USERS under the COMMON affiliate status before October 1st, 2020 will have to apply for the affiliate program. The USER will have 15 days to apply for the affiliate program after the October 1st launch to continue generating commission from their downline or their affiliation with the platform will be cancelled and the USER will cease to generate any commission.

(15i.) PRO Affiliates will have a 10% payment method processing fee when generating any commission.
COMMON Affiliates will have a 10% payment method processing alongside another 10% Builderall administrative processing fee when generating any commission. *Please view (15e.) for clarification.
Affiliate Structure
(16a.) The commission structure is a 2 tier structure. 
The affiliate generates 100% commission on the first direct sale (first month) and 30% on the recurring months that the lead remains with their subscription active.
On top of that, the affiliate generates 30% commission on the recurring sales of their affiliate’s sales. The first month is given to the second tier affiliate as it applies to the main affiliate in the structure.
(17a.) The Builderall affiliate program is a free program in which affiliates can promote the use of the Platform to enroll other affiliates and users of the Platform to be directly listed under them while receiving a commission based on their plan/purchases. The commission amount can vary based on the product or plan purchased. Affiliates can earn recurring commissions from two tiers. This includes the direct sales affiliate makes and the recurring commission of the sales of their affiliates.
(18a.) 1. Updated Content: Provide truthful and verifiable content when promoting the Platform. This includes promoting up-to-date changes to our terms and tools. Features and tools can either be removed or altered without notice, so it is the affiliate’s responsibility to update their potential sign-ups.
2. Disclaimer: It is the affiliate’s mandatory responsibility that alongside any promotional advertisements, videos, pages, websites, landing pages, and funnels; the affiliate has the duty to advise this disclaimer CLEARLY to potential users of this affiliate program.  SEE DISCLAIMER AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.
3. Promising Gains: Affiliates must not promote the Builderallaffiliate opportunity in a manner that indicates or promises a luxurious lifestyle as a result of being a part of this program. For instance, content with expensive cars, locations, housing, or excessive amounts of money which may be used to persuade the user into signing up are prohibited unless you put a disclaimer stating that these gains were completely unique to you and are not promised or guaranteed to users of the Platform.
This also refers to promotional videos/pages/ads/campaigns that indicate that there is little or no effort in making money with the platform. It is prohibited to use misleading phrases such as “Make $2,000 with Builderall easy!”. This phrase should be reworded to: “How I made $2,000 with Builderall.” or something similar. Failure to do so will result in a warning to fix the misleading content within a period of 7 days, followed by blocking of the account if it isn’t changed.
4. Distorting Earnings:  Affiliates must not use promotional content showing the earnings of other affiliates or their own. Affiliates can provide an estimate of their earnings but not the exact amount they earn, nor exactly how much they earn residually.
5. Poaching Leads: An affiliate must not approach another user who is already under another affiliate and try to convince them to join under them by using another account.  It is strictly forbidden. 
6.  Bonuses: Under no circumstance is an affiliate allowed to offer any form of bonus, offer, or promotion (during their lead’s first month of using the Platform) that incentivizes/advises the user to use Builderall for X amount of time. This is a violation of our terms of use and the affiliate found responsible will be subject to having their account blocked with no refund and no right to appeal.
7. It is prohibited to use any trademark or brand name in your business which is identical to or similar to any of our trademark, brand name or domain name, or derivative thereof, in a manner which is likely to cause deception or confusion, whether during or after the Term, in any video or site created that is promoting the platform and the tools/features it presents. It is prohibited to promote Builderall under its main domains, example: + your Id number
8. Domains containing our registered trademark name; ‘Builderall’ will not be allowed on our platform under certain circumstances;
The USER is not allowed to connect country extensions if using the ‘Builderall’ registered trademark, this includes following;
8a.) If the domain is connected to your promotional affiliate links, it is allowed. Even if it contains country extensions.
8b.) If the domain is connected to a website built by the USER, it MUST contain an indication at either the footer or header that the website is an affiliate/USER-built website to remain complaint with the COMPANY’s term of use.
8c.) Subdomains provided by the COMPANY to give all published websites a temporary URL.
If the USER is contacted by our Abuse Mitigation Team, they will be warned to make the necessary changes to comply with our terms of use. Failure to do so will result in the permanent removal of the domain from our platform.
If you see any of these domains anywhere, please email with the URL of the domain.
9.  USERS who wish to remain subscribed to their previous plan after a period of payment inactivity will have up to 30 days to request from our support team via ticketing or live chat to be grandfathered back. If the USER passes the deadline, they will have to resort to the plans available at the time from our plans page.
10. Withdrawal Logistics: Commission acquired from an affiliate’s first sale will be on hold for 35 days. An affiliate’s recurring commission will be available for withdrawal at any time. All available commission is paid out to our affiliates on every Thursday of every week if the requirements are met to withdraw. The only gateway provided for commission withdrawal is through iPayout (eWallet).
11. Trademark Media outlets:
All media outlets, such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, must abide by the trademark terms.
This includes channels/pages/groups that don't have content or are named in a manner that seems like a corporate outlet.
Here are some examples NOT to follow;
'Builderall Training'
'Builderall New York'
'Builderall France'
'Affiliate Program Builderall'
Here are some examples TO follow;
'John Doe Builderall Training'
'Team EXAMPLE Builderall'
'Builderall Best Affiliate (Unofficial)'
The owners of all reported pages/groups/channels will be contacted by our Abuse Mitigation Team and given instructions on how to proceed with their offense before proper action is taken.
It is extremely advisable for users of the platform who have a media outlet to consult our support team regarding their name when using the trademark 'Builderall'.
If there is no contact information on the page, group, or channel - we can close down the page after 6 days if no changes were made.
Further explanation of holds:
(19a.) Until an affiliate has been paid at least $250.00 from Builderall, all of their commission payments will be on hold for 35 days.
After an affiliate has been paid at least $250.00 from Builderall, all future commission payments will only be on hold for 5 days.
The hold on the commission payments needs to be released before a withdrawal request can be made. Euros and Dollars can be stacked together to reach the $250.00 threshold. To further withdraw any commission, the USER would have to accumulate a minimum of $100.00 in their 'available' tab to withdraw on every occasion
(19b.) Failure to comply with these terms will result in action being taken by Builderall based on the severity of the situation. We want to ensure that every potential affiliate is fully informed and aware of the risks involved in engaging in this venture.
(20a.) Ebusiness4Us Inc and Builderall LLC - are U.S. based entities located in Orlando, Florida. As such, we are and governed under U.S federal laws. If you do not accept or agree to these terms, please stop using the service. The preceding provision regarding venue does not apply if you are a consumer/user based in the European union. If you are a consumer/user based in the European Union, you may make a claim in the courts of the country where you reside.”

Transferring Sponsors:
(21a.) The Company will not allow the transferring of sponsors/leads/downline/upline. 
Multiple Affiliate Accounts:
(22a.) A Builderall user can not own more than ONE Premium/Business account or any account type that allows commissions to be generated. Only a total of ONE affiliate account per user. Keep the following examples in mind:
If you are an Ambassador and currently also have a Business account, you will have to cancel either the Ambassador or the Business account.
The same applies if you own multiple Ambassador plans; you must own only ONE Ambassador subscription.
The Lifestyle Bonus:
(23a.) Starting November 5th, 2020 the Lifestyle Bonus will no longer be available.
Affiliates who have earned the lifestyle bonus prior to November 5, 2020 will continue to receive it unless they fail to meet the bonus requirements. Once you are disqualified for the Lifestyle Bonus, you will not be able to qualify again.
Prior to November 5, 2020, the requirements for affiliates to qualify for the Lifestyle Bonus (an extra $500 for every month) were to retain a total of 100 recurring active direct members on any subscription listed on excluding the free plan. A client’s first-month payment did not count towards the 100.
(24a.) As with any business - your results may vary and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. There is no guarantee that you will make any income at all and you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ for each individual. Each individual's success depends on his/her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. The use of our information, products, and services should be based on your own due diligence and you agree that the Company is not liable for any success or failure of your business that is directly or indirectly related to the purchase and use of our information, products, and services reviewed or advertised on this Website.

(24b.) The Builderall commission calculator will not discount 10% of Builderall's commission processing fees. Please calculate your commission keeping in mind that we will negate 10% of all commission processed through our system despite it not appearing on the calculator.
Tax Forms
(25a.)When the USER is filling out their tax form, it is advised to handle all the fields listed on the form with extreme caution and care. All data and information added should match the USER's personal and documented information. We strongly advise this caution for the 'Social Security Number' and any variation where it is asked for your tax ID number.
Failing to abide by these pre-cautions and the USER adds incorrect or incomplete information that doesn't complement with their documentation. There is the possiblity that IRS will charge the USER based on these errors. There isn't a specific price range. The charges/fees in which the IRS charges the USER is beyond our control.
(26a.) Builderall is committed to providing the best sense of community and relationships among its affiliates. The following is our Code of Ethics:
1 - Anyone can register with Builderall for a trial period using only one valid email, but when deciding to activate your account as an affiliate, you must fill out your W8 or W9 form. Your account is linked to your SSN, and you will not be allowed more than one valid account with the same SSN, to avoid duplication of commissions and fraudulent migrations.
2 - In order to avoid fraudulent migrations, any cancelled or deleted account in the Builderall system will have the SSN blocked for 6 months before being able to register with a new account.
3 - If a user has deleted or cancelled their account, they may register again after the 6-month period, even with a link from another affiliate, but they will not be able to retrieve any files or websites that were in their previous account.
4 - Cookies are activated by the last click and last for 60 days.
1 - The affiliate must not use negative content to promote products or services sold by The Company. This includes, but is not limited to the use of comments, advertisement
products or services by the company as a "scam", "fraud", "false", "fake", "sucks", or any other synonyms or phrases that convey the same meaning. The Company is aware that marketing with these types of tactics can generate leads for an affiliate, but it can also compromise the Company’s brand.
2 - Network migration is not allowed, so always confirm when sending your link that the lead is on a computer free of cookies and disconnected from the platform when registering. It is recommended that the activation be performed only after you have verified that the lead is in your network.
3 - Affiliates are not allowed to solicit leads from other networks or even send invitations to other affiliates by placing their links in another affiliate’s posts, or making live comments during webinars, videos, or any other form of promotion from another affiliate. Improper use of any material or videos of others without proper authorization or any other practice established as "Lack of Ethics" known in the Digital Market is also prohibited.
4 - Disclosure of results and earnings that can not be duly substantiated, in order to capture leads, is prohibited.
5 - For the purpose of obtaining leads, any promises of bonuses, training, and support that can not be fulfilled is not permitted. If this practice is sufficiently proven (by copies of messages, audios, emails, etc.), then it will be the only allowable reason for changing a lead to another network.
6 - SPAM IS ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED. We characterize SPAM as intrusive, repetitive, and promotional messages sent without the consent or request of the recipient by any means of communication. It is also considered Spam to place your ads or product links in the posts, videos, or ads of others. 
7 - An affiliate that creates a site to promote on behalf of Builderall can not use the information of the company in the footer and should make it clear that the site belongs to an affiliate of Builderall and not the company itself. Any gimmicks that cause the user to participate in this violation may end up with their license to sell taken away. Contact information must be from the affiliate and not from Builderall.
8 - The affiliate must periodically check Builderall's General Terms of Use so that they do not receive negativity or accusations, which may lead to Banishment.
(27a.) BUILDERALL AMBASSADORS are the status that is given for the founding entrepreneurs of the platform's affiliate system and they have a special commitment to promoting the platform. These entrepreneurs receive special privileges, benefits, and the complete confidence and trust of the company. Because of this, Ambassadors are also given important responsibilities within the company:
A - Ambassadors receive privileged, specified commissions;
B - Ambassadors are not permitted to promote a competing platform;
C - Ambassadors are not permitted to offer other Business Opportunities to any BUILDERALL member or client;
D - Ambassadors are not permitted to promote any suspicious or illegal businesses;
E - Ambassadors are subject to all other rules and terms under the Terms of Use, as well as the Affiliate Terms of Use;
F - Should an Ambassador violate any of the above rules, his or her account will be immediately downgraded to a regular BUILDERALL account, and all commissions related to the Ambassador plan will be removed from the account.
(27b.) Ambassador Existing Lead: 
Ambassadors will keep the commission structure of their lead based on the ambassador's affiliate status when the lead was registered under their downline. 
For example; If the ambassador status was acquired on 12/01/2019 and and their lead was registered before the date mentioned above but decided to pay after the date - the commission percentage credited to the newly-upgraded ambassador will remain the same based on the status of the upline during the time of their lead's registration.

(27c.) Inactive Ambassador Account and Commissions:
Ambassadors whose accounts are unpaid or not active on a recurring payment will not be receiving commissions, whether they are from existing leads or new leads. Once your Ambassador account becomes active again, these commissions will not be recoverable, but you will once again receive commissions as long as your account remains active. These terms are non-negotiable. 
Payment Policies 
(28a.) The Builderall System and Platform requires a minimal payment of $9.90 (updated to $29.90) before platform use is permitted under a paid subscription.
THE COMPANY offers this opportunity to all new USERS. The USER, hereafter, will be entitled to all upgrades and new tools that will be placed on the platform in the future and is within the boundaries of their chosen plan, considering payments stay current.
Because Builderall is a web-based system, its operation needs constant use of servers and the transferring of information via the web in addition to storing and organizing information and content. This makes Builderall System and Platform impossible without the use of robust, high-performance servers which are offered to USERS at extremely competitive prices. This can be determined by the cost in proportion to the amount of space being used and system resources.
You must agree to and accept the terms a hosting plan offered by THE COMPANY as a conditional provision for the use of the Builderall System and Platform.
(28b.) All monthly or annual fees already include sales tax in the shown price. It is important to note that this DOES NOT mean the USER is not responsible for paying taxes, which is a legal obligation, but that this addition of sales tax included in the monthly fee and deducted fees from the payment method of the user's choice when receiving earned commissions are the responsibility of the user as well. In case of a late payment or if your bank or credit card denies payment, this will be considered a violation of The Conditional Terms of Use in which the Builderall System and Platform may access the user’s account and immediately block and take the user’s content and related works offline until full payment is made.
(28c.) Transactional fees deducted from your commission are based on the lead's payment method.
(28d.) All monthly plans included on (including the ambassador program) are charges that will automatically deduct from your card unless cancelled by the user, having insufficient funds or an issue associated with the payment method itself. If none of the actions above are acted on or present - every month you will be charged for your Builderall plan.
(28e.) THE COMPANY reserves the right to modify or increase prices at any time. These changes will be posted online and made effective immediately. In the case of automatic renewal services, the balance(s) will be charged the following month.

(28f.) The COMPANY reserves the right to offer promotional discounts and offers at any time to accounts under specific statuses. Offers are limited to one customer and account.

(28g.) USERS that have acquired a free domain from the COMPANY as a bonus to their subscription will get the first year of their domain subscription for free.
After the first year, the USER can choose to retain the domain after the first year by purchasing it at the time of renewal. If the domain is not renewed by the USER, it will revert back to the COMPANY.
If the user renews the domain after the first year, the COMPANY will officially transfer ownership of the domain to the USER.
Copyright Rights, Content, and Intellectual Property
(29a.) THE COMPANY is unable to determine ownership of content created or uploaded onto the platform. Therefore, THE COMPANY considers the domain’s registered owner to be the rightful owner of the placed content, according to the database
(29b.) Builderall website and other intellectual content are subject to protection by Copyright and Trademark laws in accordance with International and Domestic legal policies. All content is delivered "as is" and may not be copied, reproduced, redistributed, transmitted, republished, displayed, sold, licensed, or exploited in any way for any other purpose without the proper written consent of THE COMPANY. THE COMPANY reserves the right to deny access to sites or related content.
Annual Plans
(30a.) The annual plan allows a user to have access for 12 months by making a discounted payment equal to 10 months (2 months free). The commission structure for promoting this plan will equate to 10 months as well; Affiliates will receive 100% commission for the first month and the regular commission rate for the remaining 9 months (direct sales only).
(30b.) The commission structure for annual plan sales of your downline will be identical to other subscriptions except that the annual commission will be paid out in one lump-sum payment. 
(31a.) In the event of any discrepancies with support, or any long-term difficulties with the platform - we will not be able to provide any compensation in a manner that removes/disrupts the commission structure of an upline/downline.
For example;
This includes being gifted a free month of access due to any complications with our staff or platform. The Company will always ensure to provide the best possible experience and support with the use of our platform.
(32a.) If you wish to see our terms of agreement with iPayout - please visit
(32b.) Tax services implementation;
Form W9/TIN Verification - $.050
W-8BEN(E) Verification - $3.00
1099 dist. PDF/Print - $1.50
-Sign Up fee - $1.00 (One time, includes collection and validation of KYC, tax forms, ect.)
-Payout - $0.00 (Per payout load)
-Monthly Maintenance - $1.50 (Charged on active accounts only. Accounts that received a payment or transferred funds).
-US bank transfer - $1.00 
-International bank transfer - $4.00 (final pricing may change upon receiving volume confirmation and required company documents)
-Wire Transfer - $25.00 (USD wires, correspondent bank fees may apply)
Transfer to Existing Credit Card - $7.00 (Transfer can be done in local currency or USD)
-Check request - $3.95 (Express shipping at cost)
-eCheck (US Only) - $1.00 (Printable check delivered through email)
-Bitcoin - 2%
-QJWI - 6% 
-Card order US/Int - $7.95/8.95 (includes activation and delivery)
-Transfer to Prepaid Card - $1.00 
-Dormancy Fee - $5.00 (Applies to account that has a balance but has been inactive for 6+ months)
North America - Local - $4.00
Europe - EUR - $4.00
Asia/Pacific - Local - $4.00
South America - Local - $4.00
Middle East - Local - $5.00
Africa - Local - $5.00
*Fees and availability depend on the volume of payments
Boleto/Bank payments (Brazil) - 4.5%
Cash/Bank payments (Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Chile) - 5%
Bitcoin - 2%
China UnionPay - 4%, min $0.75
PayNearMe (Cash payment within US) - $4.95
European Union (Sofort) Direct billing - 3.5%
Qiwi - 5%
AliPay - $0.25+3.5%
WeChat - $0.25+3%
NeoSurf - 8%
Content sent by USERS
(33a.) You agree that any or all of the user-submitted or published material is the sole responsibility of yourself, the USER. The USER is solely responsible for all content uploaded, posted, transmitted, or provided by him/her to our system. THE COMPANY and the Builderall System and Platform does not control the content posted and can not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of the contents; or that the content does not violate the rights of others.
Although THE COMPANY is not responsible for and does not review the material USERS create or upload, we reserve the right to delete any content that could be considered racist, offensive, abusive, illegal, or unacceptable for any reason and without notice; you agree that:
- No submissions are copyrighted or otherwise subject to proprietary rights, including privacy and publicity, unless you have the consent of the owner of the material;
- You will not post or upload false or inaccurate information that could cause damage to THE COMPANY or to any third-party affiliate.
- You will not post or upload any obscene, libelous, disparaging, threatening, pornographic, insulting, hateful, racist, unethical material.
- You will not post or upload material that may constitute a criminal offense in which conduct is punishable by law including but not limited to material that: promotes illegal drug use, any irresponsible alcohol use, or any other inappropriate behavior.
- You will not pretend to be someone other than yourself or use our platform to assist in stealing the identity of another person.
If you become aware of any misuse of our services by any person please contact us via email here:
(33b.) THE COMPANY does not endorse or accept any opinions, recommendations, or advice in relation to the USER’s material THE COMPANY rejects any responsibility and liability for cases in this regard.
(33c.) The COMPANY does not allow any activity that violates the rights of authorship or ownership in the use of the Builderall System and Platform. When notified, THE COMPANY will remove all submissions that violate any of these rights.
(33d.) THE COMPANY respects the intellectual property of all users and any allegations or alleged violations will be handled in a manner that complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). If you believe that your work may have been copied in a way that violates your intellectual property rights send a formal complaint to and include all relevant evidence; including the exact location of the violation(s) and any other content or individuals related to the alleged violation(s).
Abuse Recurrence
(34a.) If the user is considered to be a recurring offender or constantly cited for abuse then THE COMPANY reserves the right to remove the user from our system and all of the user’s content without notice; blocking all access to the website without the right to any refund.
WARNING: If you post any content hosted by us, you must provide a linked image directing back to the original content on our website.
A Note from THE COMPANY:
THE COMPANY may send advertising messages and important updates to the registered account email. If you do not wish to receive these emails, follow the instructions given to unsubscribe from these emails.
(34b.) Blocked accounts with a chance to appeal will still have their content and commission on their account. Only their recurring subscription will cancel. Permanently blocked accounts will have no access to content and commission will be forfeited. Our Abuse Mitigation Team can notify you if you have the right to submit an appeal.

(34c.) VPN Bypassing:
Payments made to purchase a Builderall subscription/plan using a VPN to alter or bypass the currency assigned to their region will be penalized as seem fit by the COMPANY.

(34d.) A temporary block may be placed on your account when fraud is suspected to prevent potential ongoing fraudulent activity. This block may be associated with the status of the account or limiting your ability to withdraw any pending/available commission.
Social Media Widgets
(35a.) The Builderall System and Platform includes social media features, content, and widgets that can be linked back to or used for social media interaction and promotion. These resources may need to store your IP address in addition and/or set cookies in your browser in order to properly function. These resources and related social media widgets are hosted by a third party. Integrations with these features are governed by the privacy policy server.
Additional Restrictions
(36a.) No user or subscriber can use the Builderall System and Platform to:
- Promote offensive material, threats, or harm to anyone in any way
- Impersonate any person, or falsely profess an affiliation with any person or entity
- Upload, post, email, transmit, or illegally provide content of any type (such as privileged or confidential information acquired through labor relations or business transactions)
- Upload, post, email, or otherwise transmit any unsolicited or unauthorized advertisements as promotional materials, junk mail, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or any other form of "spam" used to promote their content
- Execute any unethical marketing practices that do not comply with the CAN-SPAN Act 2003 law
- Upload, post, email, or otherwise transmit any material that may contain software viruses or any other computer code or program files which are designed to interrupt, destroy, or limit the functionality of any computer software, hardware, or telecommunications equipment
- Intentionally violate or fail to comply with applicable policy or regulation in ICANN.
(36b.) The USER agrees to pay damages and hold harmless THE COMPANY of any claims resulting from the use of services that harm itself or any other party.
Fraud Offenses 
(37a.) "Stacking-up": This is when a user has an account of their own as their upline/downline. 
(37b.) Stolen credit card information: Self-explanatory; This is a form of identity theft that involves the unauthorized use of another person's credit card information to purchase our plans. 
(37c.) Distorting/providing inaccurate information: This is when a user willingly or unwillingly distorts information and/or makes promises related to promoting our platform and the features it offers. This includes the capabilities of our features and plans, or promising/advertising tools that are not part of the platform.
(37d.) The punishment for these offenses will depend on the severity and intention of the user. The consequences can vary from a warning to a complete IP and account block.
Locational limits for being an affiliate 
(38a.) This list may increase or decrease based on new changes to our terms or international, federal, and state laws.
North Dakota, USA - The platform is available for use in this state, however, the affiliate program is not accessible to users from this state.
(39a.)THE COMPANY reserves the right to investigate you, your company and associates, officers, directors, managers, any other unnamed leaders, their websites, and/or all of the content of their websites at any time. This investigation should be made exclusively for the benefit of THE COMPANY and not for your benefit or for a third party. If an investigation reveals any information, act, or omission in which the Company's opinion constitutes a violation of any state or federal laws, local or foreign legislation, or these Terms and Conditions of Use; THE COMPANY may block your access immediately. In this case, you must agree to give up any claim or claims you may have against THE COMPANY, or a third-party in question of being violated, used by the Builderall System and Platform (
Compensation plan and Builderall launches
(40a.)Any information or details provided by users regarding the commission structure or the amendments of the compensation plan for the launch is considered unofficial until provided by the company itself.
Users who are providing inaccurate information regarding the company's upcoming changes will be contacted and dealt with accordingly.
Limited Warranty and Disclaimer
(41a.) When the USER accepts these Conditional Terms of Use, he or she complies to the following statement:
“I agree that my use of the Builderall System and Platform will be at my own risk.
As permitted by law, THE COMPANY, its officers, directors, employees, and agents disclaim all warranties, expressed or implied, regarding the use of the Builderall System and Platform. The company makes no guarantees or promises regarding the accuracy or integrity of our own websites or websites created on our platform. Under any circumstances THE COMPANY, its officers, directors, employees, or agents shall be liable for any direct or indirect phrases or actions arising from any of the following:
- Errors or content failures;
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Any interruption or termination of transmission of our website and systems and servers for reasons of bugs, viruses, Trojan horses, or similar digital hazard that may have been transmitted to users through our websites by third-parties,
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(41g.)  Affiliate hereby agrees to indemnify Builderall make all reasonable efforts to ensure all work efforts to promote the platform are in compliance with relevant state and federal law and guidelines. In the event that Builderall is made a party or threatened to be made a party to any action, suit, or proceeding (a “Proceeding”) due to Affiliate's action, whether civil, criminal, administrative, or investigative, the Affiliate shall bear the expenses incurred by Builderall to Defend itself from the action in question.
By agreeing to the terms of service, the Affiliate agrees to hold Builderall harmless and indemnify it from and against any liabilities, costs, claims, and expenses, including all costs and expenses incurred in defense of any Proceeding (including attorneys' fees) that arise from promoting the platform in a manner that can create undue liability to Builderall. Furthermore, Affiliate agrees not to promote the platform in a manner that is reckless and will create the possibility of exposing Builderall to any legal proceeding arising from the Affiliate's conduct or behavior.
Damage / Return
(42a.) You agree to defend, repair, and hold harmless THE COMPANY and its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, and agents from all claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs or debt, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney fees) arising from:
- use and access to the Builderall System and Platform ;
- the violation of any provision of these Terms and Conditions of Use;
- the violation of any rights of third parties including but not limited to copyright, intellectual property rights, and privacy rights,
- any claims that one of his or her performance or contents that may have been used to cause harm to others.
The obligations set forth by THE COMPANY, referring to these Terms and Conditions of Use require the USER’S full acceptance as they refer to all Systems and Platforms owned by THE COMPANY and its representatives. If you do not agree with all of the terms provided, do not understand some, or have any questions about any, please stop using our website and system immediately or contact our support department to receive further clarification.
Events beyond our control
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(44a.) You may not transfer or assign any of these Terms and Conditions of Use and any rights and licenses granted hereunder. However, THE COMPANY may transfer them without restrictions or limitations.
(45a.) Any claim or dispute that may exist between the USERS and THE COMPANY and any of its websites, platforms, systems, or services can be settled only with an online brokerage, another company legally competent to settle such disputes, or in legal litigation in the county where THE COMPANY is incorporated which would be in the city of Orlando, Florida located in Orange County Florida, USA. Here is expressly excluded the application of the United Nation (UN) on Purchasing, Sales and International Transactions.
(45b.) These Terms and Conditions of Use together with the Privacy Policy, GDPR Policy and DPA content, and any other legal notice published by THE COMPANY on its websites constitute a binding agreement between all USERS and THE COMPANY. If any part of these terms and conditions are deemed by any competent court of law with presiding jurisdiction over the land in which THE COMPANY operates is found to be invalid, the invalidity of the item(s) in question will not affect the rest of these terms; which will remain in full effect.
No objection or decline of any provision of these Terms and Conditions of Use will be considered.
(45c.) In case of any violation of any rights or items expressed in these terms and conditions, the user and THE COMPANY agree that the cause of action related to the use of the Builderall System and Platform must occur within one (1) year of the incident.
Beta Release Notice
(46a.) Please note and be informed that some  websites, systems, and tools are currently in “Beta”. You acknowledge and agree that the system may contain software bugs, experience interruptions, or not work as intended or designed at times. Your use of these specific services at this stage of development is your understanding and agreement to participate in these Beta tests, with the risk of losing some runtime, content, images, designs, and any other content available on the Builderall System and Platform. You understand and accept these risks and will not hold THE COMPANY responsible for any.
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